Reports and publications

I’ve edited many reports and publications for government agencies and other organisations, including:
Water in Australia 2016–17 (pdf) 2018 copyedit and proofread for the Bureau of Meteorology
Guide to Life Sciences investing (pdf) 2018 structural edit and copyedit for AusBiotech (via Science in Public)
Water in Australia 2015–16 (pdf) copyedit and proofread for the Bureau of Meteorology
Global Status of Carbon Capture and Storage 2016 copyedit and proofread for the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute
Draft River Red Gum Management Plan 2017 proofread for Parks Victoria
The same four walls: Inquiry into the use of isolation, separation and lockdowns in the Victorian youth justice system 2017 proofread for the Commission for Children and Young People
National Marine Science Plan 2015–2025 copyedit and proofread for the Australian Institute of Marine Science (via Science in Public)