Do you need content edited or written for print or online?
My forte is producing concise, fresh, accurate content that clearly conveys your message.

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  • researching and writing
  • structural editing, copyediting and proofreading
  • converting jargon and long sentences into plain English
  • combining multiple authors and managing complex reports
  • overseeing images and references


I can help you communicate clearly and effectively with your audience.

Big jobs or small; editing, writing or a combination of both.

In my experience, the tasks required in producing a large printed or electronic document rarely divide up into neat parcels of writing and editing. I’m happy to work with you on multiple drafts, incorporating comments from multiple authors or managers and liaising with your designer, to get a project through to completion.


You get an excellent finished product that has been checked for structure, spelling, grammar, tone, style, consistency, completeness, typos, formatting and more.

Editing tasks vary from broad project management and structural editing through copyediting to proofreading for those final details.

I edit reports, textbooks, annual reports, websites, newsletters, apps, policy documents, management plans, journals and more.


I write clear and direct content that is suitable for your audience and that communicates your story in line with your organisation’s style.

I can write reports, web pages, newsletters, book reviews, blog posts, feature articles, interviews and profiles, short snippets, emails and letters, social media.

And also …

Do you need a newsletter or publicity material published online or sent out in a mail campaign?
Do you need someone to work with a designer to see a document right through to printing?
Do you need background research, a communication plan or social media?
I can take on broader project management and communication tasks.


Dr Margie Beilharz is a freelance editor and writer.Margie-Beilharz07-crop-400

I’m skilled in tackling those slippery issues of expression, grammar and formatting to produce clear and effective material that tells your story.

With a background in science (PhD in zoology) and academia (lecturing in environmental management), I started working in science communication in 2008. I have used my skills in content writing, structural and copyediting, proofreading, media and PR in projects for Commonwealth and state governments, universities, research institutes, publishers, not-for-profit organisations and private companies.

The Open Desk is my freelance writing and editing business, through which I’ve worked on projects for Commonwealth and state governments, universities, education not-for-profits, professional societies and others (see my clients).

I’m also an associate of media and PR agency Science in Public, working on projects that require my editing skills. I’ve worked with Science in Public since 2008 – writing, editing, events, media, PR, project management, admin and business management – for government, business, research, university and publishing clients.

I’m a Freelance Pro member of the MEAA, a professional member of IPEd (Institute of Professional Editors) and a member of the Australian Science Communicators. I’m also communication officer for Editors Victoria, the state branch of IPEd.

I’m based in Melbourne, Australia.


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