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  • PerfectIt teams with CMOS

    Many editors swear by PerfectIt as a must-have tool to help produce consistent and style-adhering texts. A new style sheet has just been released. Developed in conjunction with The Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS), it takes PerfectIt to a new level 一 great news for those who use CMOS and possibly also for others. If you already use PerfectIt and subscribe to CMOS…

  • Book review: ‘Wedderburn’ by Maryrose Cuskelly

    Maryrose Cuskelly has chosen a difficult topic for this book: the murders in late 2014 of Greg Holmes and Greg’s mother and stepfather, Mary and Peter Lockhart. The killer was Ian Jamieson – a farming neighbour and former friend of Peter Lockhart’s. Their farms were south of Wedderburn in central Victoria, and the rural setting…

  • Book review: Make grammar great again

    What do you do when Donald Trump becomes president of the United States? Stop watching the news? Book a flight into space? Hope the next four years will pass really quickly? Melbourne copyeditor Meredith Forrester took a more proactive approach. Irritated by the President’s language-mangling tweets, she took it upon herself to respond with corrections.

  • Review: Lots of tips and procedures for better onscreen editing

    I wrote this review for the Editors Victoria January 2017 newsletter (updated link to IPEd archive, members only) The title of Geoff Hart’s book Effective Onscreen Editing (3rd edition) by no means conveys the full gamut of what this book contains. Indeed, it turns out be over 800 pages long, covering topics as diverse as…

  • Review: Junkyard Planet

    My review of Adam Minter’s Junkyard Planet:  travels in the billion-dollar trash trade is out on Science Book a Day today: Do you recycle? Separate out your paper, cans and labelled plastic from your landfill waste? Take your computer waste to a resource recovery centre? Go you! I do too, and every little bit helps,…

  • PerfectIt 3 review (or, why you need a PC)

    I wrote this review for Editors Victoria’s August 2015 newsletter (not available online). Much as it galls an editor to let a mistake slip through, the general consensus seems to be that catching 95% of proofreading errors is a pretty good effort. But some editors have a secret weapon that I’m convinced helps them reach…

  • Book review: ‘At the edge of uncertainty’

    Book review: ‘At the edge of uncertainty’

    My review of Michael Brooks’s book At the edge of uncertainty: 11 discoveries taking science by surprise was posted on Science Book a Day today. You can find it at Thanks Science Book a Day George Aranda, it was fun to write. Read my other review posts.