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Margie Beilharz

Freelance editor and writer in science, environment, education, health

Some of my bigger editing projects

  1. Reports and publications
  2. Books
  3. Annual reports
  4. Educational textbooks and resources
  5. Science and research communication
  6. Eingana journal
  7. Cultural and archaeological heritage reports
  8. Newsletters
  9. And lots more …

Reports and publications

I’ve copyedited and proofread many reports and publications for government agencies and other organisations.


In addition to textbooks (see below), I’ve copyedited a number of books.

Annual reports

I’ve edited and helped compile annual reports for many departments and organisations.

Educational textbooks and resources

I’ve edited educational textbooks and teacher resources.

  • Year 11 and Year 12 Environmental Science textbooks for Victoria (in 2021) for Environment Education Victoria (copyedit and proofread)
  • Year 9 Science textbook for Queensland, Cambridge University Press (in 2020) (copyedit)
  • Year 10 Science textbook for Victoria, Cambridge University Press (in 2019) (copyedit). This series was an Educational Publishing Awards Australia: Winner – Secondary junior student resource – Mathematics/Science in 2020
  • Senior Biology Year 11 and 12 texts for NSW for Macmillan Education (in 2017) (structural edit)
  • Biology teachers resource material for Macmillan Education (in 2017) (copyedit)
  • Primary school science work booklets and teacher resource books for  The Education Consultancy (2017) (copyedit)
  • VCE Environmental Science textbooks for VCE Units 3 and 4 (in 2016) VCE Units 1 and 2 (in 2015) for Environment Education Victoria (copyedit, proofread)

Science and research communication

I’ve copyedited and proofread many publications that bring science and research to the public and industry.

  • FISH September 2021, April 2021 (copyedit); December 2020, September 2020 (supplement), June 2019, March 2018 for the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation, via Coretext (proofread)
  • A 2020 working paper for health research initiative Generation Victoria (Gen V) (copyedit)
  • Many publications for Grains Research and Development Corporation, via Coretext (proofread) including:
    • National Variety Trials harvest reports for Central South Australia, Southern Region; Eyre Peninsula, Southern Region; Southern New South Wales, Northern Region and Geraldton, Western Region, April 2021 (proofread)
    • Golden rules for canola in the low-rainfall zone Western Region February 2021
    • Managing small conical snails fact sheet Western region January 2021
    • Groundcover (magazine) November–December 2020, supplement July–August 2020, supplement May–June 2018
    • Maximising sowing opportunities under dry soil conditions in the high-rainfall zone Southern region November 2020
    • 2020 hybrid sorghum performance report Northern region September 2020
    • Integrated weed management of feathertop Rhodes grass National 2nd edition 2020 Update
    • A nitrogen reference manual for the southern cropping region Southern region February 2020
    • Chaff piles and chaff lines fact sheet January 2020
    • UTE weeds guide
    • 2020 Queensland winter crop sowing guide
    • 2021 South Australian crop sowing guide October 2020
    • Pulse width modulation – nozzle selection guide
    • 2019 Variety sowing guide
  • Publications for Grains Research and Development Corporation, via Coretext (copyedit) including:
    • Wild radish fact sheet National August 2020
    • Identifying Western Australian summer weeds manual
  • Fire Australia magazine issue four 2018, issue one 2019, for Fire Protection Association Australia, via Coretext (proofread)
  • Stories of Australian Science, for Science in Public (copyedited 2015 edition; coordinated, copyedited and proofread 2010–14 editions)
  • Stories of Australian Astronomy 2012, for Science in Public (coordinated, copyedited and proofread)

Eingana journal

I copyedited Eingana, the journal of Environment Education Victoria.

2015 to 2021

Two or three issues a year, some print, some digital.

Cultural and archaeological heritage reports

I have copyedited and proofread archaeological assessments and cultural heritage management plans.

In 2020, I copyedited and proofread reports for Extent Heritage, including conservation management plans and historical archaeological assessments, that assess the archaeological and cultural values of sites.

in 2016, I copyedited a number of cultural heritage management plans for Urban Colours Arts. The plans assess Indigenous heritage values on sites where developments are planned and are submitted to Aboriginal Victoria.


I have produced regular newsletters for two different organisations.

I edited the Editors Victoria newsletter from November 2014 to April 2019. This involved compiling and producing content, copyediting, posting online on the website and the online email service. Cass Ball kindly helped out each month with eagle-eyed proofreading.

I edited the monthly national newsletter for the Australian Institute of Physics for many years beginning in 2008, while I was working at Science in Public.

And lots more …

Other jobs and activities include:

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