Editing and writing services

I can help you communicate clearly and effectively: big jobs or small; editing, writing or a combination of both.

Editing services

Editing tasks vary from broad project management and structural editing through copyediting to proofreading for those final details.

We can talk about what you need – copyediting and proofreading are my most common tasks.

I edit reports, textbooks, annual reports, websites, newsletters, apps, policy documents, management plans, journals and more.

You get an excellent finished product that has been checked for:

  • structure
  • spelling
  • grammar
  • tone
  • style
  • consistency
  • completeness
  • typos
  • formatting
  • and more.

I’m happy to work with you on multiple drafts, incorporating comments from multiple authors or managers and liaising with your designer, to get a project through to completion.

Writing services

I write clear, succinct and accurate content that is suitable for your audience and that communicates your story in line with your organisation’s style.

I can write:

  • reports
  • web pages
  • newsletters
  • articles
  • reviews
  • blog posts
  • interviews and profiles
  • emails and letters.

Communication services

Contact me if you need:

  • a newsletter or publicity material published online or sent out in a mail campaign
  • someone to work with a designer to see a document right through to printing
  • background research, a communication plan or social media
  • broader project management and communication tasks.