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Margie Beilharz

Freelance editor and writer in science, environment, education, health


Teacher notes for an upcoming children’s book on Australian plants, Plantastic!, for CSIRO Publishing

For Ragg and Co and their clients (2017–20)

Articles on Healthdirect, including:

Articles on Pregnancy, Birth and Baby, including:

Book reviews for Chemistry in Australia journal

The forest in the tree: how fungi shape the earth. Written by Ailsa Wild, illustrated by Aviva Reed, created by Briony Barr and Dr Gregory Crocette (CSIRO publishing and Scale Free Network) 2020
Book review for the December 2020–February 2021 issue

Under the stars: astrophysics for bedtime by Lisa Harvey-Smith (MUP)
Book review for the January–February 2020 issue

Scientific sleuthing: chemical discoveries made in New Zealand by Hurrell et al. (eds) (Clerestory Press)
Book review for a 2019 issue

Bring back the King: the new science of de-extinction by Helen Pilcher (Bloomsbury)
Book review for the May 2017 issue

Keeping women in science by Kate White (MUP)
Book review for the September 2016 issue

How life works: the inside word from a biochemist by William Elliott and Daphne Elliott
Book review for the May 2016 issue

For other clients

I wrote web content to help the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council make available an archive of their land-use investigations

I contributed to Monitoring Environmental Systems, the Environmental Science textbook for VCE Units 1 and 2, Environment Education Victoria, published December 2015

Junkyard Planet: travels in the billion-dollar trash trade by Adam Minter
Book review for Science Book a Day, October 2015

Yellow-rumped thornbill – for the Bimblebox 153 birds art project

At the edge of uncertainty: 11 discoveries taking science by surprise by Michael Brooks
Book review on Science Book a Day, October 2014

The Helix magazine
Issue 155, CSIRO, April-May 2013
Snippet: Jamming superbugs

For Science in Public and its clients

Nature Publishing Index Asia-Pacific
Nature Publishing Group
2013: articles China, South Korea
2012: articles China
2011: articles Overview, China, Singapore

Stories of Australian Science
Science in Public (see editing portfolio page to download the booklets)

Stories of Australian Science 2014 articles:
Land clearing harms Reef water quality
No place like home as reef critters face extinction

Stories of Australian Science 2011 articles:
Helping eyes to help themselves
Mapping the seafloor from space
OPAL reactor fingerprints Aboriginal ochre
Slide back in time and see the Himalayas form

Ecos magazine
Issue 146, CSIRO, 2008
Article: Climate change raises the disease threat