PerfectIt teams with CMOS

Many editors swear by PerfectIt as a must-have tool to help produce consistent and style-adhering texts. A new style sheet has just been released. Developed in conjunction with The Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS), it takes PerfectIt to a new level 一 great news for those who use CMOS and possibly also for others. If you already use PerfectIt and subscribe to CMOSContinue reading “PerfectIt teams with CMOS”

PerfectIt 3 review (or, why you need a PC)

I wrote this review for Editors Victoria’s August 2015 newsletter (not available online). Much as it galls an editor to let a mistake slip through, the general consensus seems to be that catching 95% of proofreading errors is a pretty good effort. But some editors have a secret weapon that I’m convinced helps them reachContinue reading “PerfectIt 3 review (or, why you need a PC)”