David Crystal’s ‘Making a Point’ and a Q&A with editor and teacher Stephanie Holt: newsletter

This morning I sent out the December newsletter for Editors Victoria. It includes Louise Zedda-Sampson’s review of David Crystal’s new book on punctuation, Making a Point, and Paul Bugeja’s report back from Storyology 2015. Also, should editors charge like plumbers or panelbeaters? Dear Ed answers that tricky question. The whole newsletter is here.

Book review: ‘At the edge of uncertainty’

My review of Michael Brooks’s book At the edge of uncertainty: 11 discoveries taking science by surprise was posted on Science Book a Day today. You can find it at http://sciencebookaday.com/2014/10/23/margie-beilharz-reviews-at-the-edge-of-uncertainty-11-discoveries-taking-science-by-surprise/ Thanks Science Book a Day George Aranda, it was fun to write. Read my other review posts.