PerfectIt teams with CMOS

Many editors swear by PerfectIt as a must-have tool to help produce consistent and style-adhering texts. A new style sheet has just been released. Developed in conjunction with The Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS), it takes PerfectIt to a new level 一 great news for those who use CMOS and possibly also for others. If you already use PerfectIt and subscribe to CMOSContinue reading “PerfectIt teams with CMOS”

Use Word Styles for navigating around and restructuring your document

Word Styles offer more than simply and consistently formatting text; they give you lots of power in organising your whole document. For those new to using Styles, you might want to check out the introduction in my previous post:  What are Word Styles and how do you use them? In the next few posts I’llContinue reading “Use Word Styles for navigating around and restructuring your document”

What are Word Styles and how do you use them?

You can easily format text in Microsoft Word with the options you can see in your Home ribbon. You can choose your font, font size, colour, bold and italics (character options) and also paragraph options like bullet points, alignment, indenting, spacing between lines and paragraphs, and lots more.

Microsoft Word skills for editors: basic to advanced

Many editors prefer the features and power of Microsoft Word – especially when copyediting – over Google Docs and other online and collaborative programs. So, even though the latter are increasingly being used for writing and producing documents, Word remains the standard program for editing documents. Nowadays it’s pretty much assumed that writers and editors haveContinue reading “Microsoft Word skills for editors: basic to advanced”

Tips and tricks: Summarising tracked changes in Word

A few months ago, I wrote about having trouble getting an author to see my tracked changes in Word (and showed a solution for that problem in PDFs). Since then, I’ve come across some solutions in Word too. I wanted my client to see my tracked edits, but they seemed to not see the editsContinue reading “Tips and tricks: Summarising tracked changes in Word”

Book review: Make grammar great again

What do you do when Donald Trump becomes president of the United States? Stop watching the news? Book a flight into space? Hope the next four years will pass really quickly? Melbourne copyeditor Meredith Forrester took a more proactive approach. Irritated by the President’s language-mangling tweets, she took it upon herself to respond with corrections.

Reflections not resolutions

Happy New Year and all the best for a great 2018. Rather than coming up with New Year’s resolutions – which we all know are very hard to keep – I’m taking the opportunity of the holiday break to reflect on what I can do to achieve my professional goals in 2018. In short, IContinue reading “Reflections not resolutions”

Freelancers thank the bustling times

In the Guardian’s list of “authorisms”: The top 10 words invented by writers Freelance: i) One who sells services to employers without a long-term commitment to any of them. ii) An uncommitted independent, as in politics or social life. The word is not recorded before Sir Walter Scott introduced it in Ivanhoe, which (among otherContinue reading “Freelancers thank the bustling times”