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"Acanthiza chrysorrhoa -Canberra, Australia-8 (1)" by Duncan McCaskill - Picasa Web Albums. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -,_Australia-8_(1).jpg#mediaviewer/File:Acanthiza_chrysorrhoa_-Canberra,_Australia-8_(1).jpg
“Acanthiza chrysorrhoa -Canberra, Australia-8 (1)” by Duncan McCaskill CC3.0

I’ve picked the yellow-rumped thornbill to write about for the Bimblebox 153 Birds Project. 153 because they’ve recorded 153 bird species at Bimblebox Nature Reserve in central western Queensland (although their website now says 154).

The privately owned high-biodiversity remnant woodland reserve is now under threat from a coal mine development by Waratah Coal, which happens to be owned by Clive Palmer, and which was given government approval late 2013.

The owners and supporters are keeping up their fight against the coal mine in interesting and positive ways:

Whether I get the gorgeous yellow-rumped thornbill or a different species, I’d like to think my writing could help raise awareness of the undoubted environmental values of the reserve.

And, you know, its not that often that scientists (current or ex, like me) get to take part in an art project!




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