A feast of editing

I’ve just sent out the May newsletter for Editors Victoria. In it you’ll find:

  • which of the National Literary Awards is of special interest to editors (Editors Victoria Distinguished Editor Susan Keogh has just won it)
  • food for thought for members – should the state and territory societies all come together under the IPEd umbrella? (IPEd is Australia’s Institute of Professional Editors)
  • a month in the life of freelance editor Vanessa Lanaway
  • lots of excitement about write | edit | index, the 2015 Australian Conference for Editors, Indexers and Publishing Professionals.

I’m one of those heading to Canberra for write | edit | index next week. It’ll be my first editors conference, and I’m looking forward to lots of learning and networking (and hoping my new business cards arrive in time!).

You can follow the conference on Twitter @writeeditindex or the hashtag #writeeditindex.

Update: The May 2015 newsletter is no longer available online

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I am a freelance editor, writer and science communicator based in Melbourne, Australia.

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