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Illustrator Judith Rossell, regional meetings and meet editor Susan Pierotti: March 2016 newsletter

I’ve just sent out the March 2016 newsletter for Editors Victoria. Here’s my intro:

Welcome to our March newsletter.

In addition to our usual news and resources, this month we have some calls to action: Nick Hudson is keen to get your opinions on Microsoft Word’s grammar checker, and the article he has written about it (let the floodgates open); Paul Bugeja is after your suggestions for changes to the Editors Victoria and IPEd websites; a petition for funding for an updated Style Manual is open for signatures; and, if you’ve inadvertently dropped off the Freelance Register, get your renewal to our freelance affairs team.

Sally Holdsworth provides a lovely description of our last dinner meeting, where local illustrator Judith Rossell talked about, and showed us, her work. Judith spent many years as a scientist before becoming an illustrator, so her story reflects the path taken by the many editors who come to the profession as a second (or third) career. Our editor in the Q&A spotlight this month, Susan Pierotti, is one such case. Her background is not so common, though – Susan was a professional musician for many years.

One thing Susan loves about editing is that you can work anywhere (wi-fi allowing). The regional editors’ groups are making the most of this, and making the non-metropolitan life look very appealing. This month we have a report from the Gippsland editors and a date for the first meeting of the north-east Victorian editors. I can see Melbourne editors heading out of town just to join these lovely lunches!

Lan Wang sent in a link to an interesting article on the current, and possible future, role of technology in writing (which obviously influences editing) and Dear Ed gets very mixed up in the Boxing Day sales. We also have news on online courses from the UK society of editors, a mentoring update, lots of new members to welcome and more …

Continue reading on the Editors Victoria website.

Update: The March 2016 newsletter is now archived on the IPEd website and available to members only.


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