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Freelancing in-house

View of Bunjil and the Melbourne high rise towers from the 6th floor

Last month I experienced a side of editing quite alien to my normal freelance life – working in an office in the city full-time for a couple of weeks. Even though I was in the Pearson/Penguin building near Southern Cross station (Melbourne), I was not working in those offices but up on the 6th floor. It came to me, as I peered in the publishers’ windows, that working in a team of editors would be a different side of editing again. How much fun would that be!

So began my introduction to the latest newsletter for Editors Victoria – it’s online in the Editors Victoria archives with a report on our dinner event with guest speaker Alice Pung, a review of the Advanced Dance Steps training course, news from the regions, training updates and a Dear Ed who has, sadly, finally cracked it.

[Updated to link to archives, which are available to members only.]




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