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All about the business of editing: July 2017 newsletter

I’ve just sent out the July 2017 newsletter for Editors Victoria to members. 

Welcome to the July newsletter for Editors Victoria. We have lots of editing business this month: call-outs for committee members ahead of our August AGM; a comprehensive report on our ‘Business of Editing’ June dinner Q&A; the experience of running a ‘Writing for Business’ workshop; an upcoming ‘All About Editors’ panel held in conjunction with Writers Victoria; and an update on the workshops at the conference.

Renée Otmar shares her month and her ideas on the editing profession, we review Susan Pierotti’s new book on the editing and publishing process, Manuscript to Market, and the Gippsland editors are meeting again. Plus we have our regular new members, typo, etymology, links, training, meeting and social media action.

And for Melbourne freelancers, and those who make the trip from farther away, we’re exploring a new format for the next freelance lunch. You can enjoy cake or wine or (why not!) both – check out the new venue and time.

Update: The July 2017 newsletter is now archived on the IPEd website and available to members only.




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