All about the business of editing: July 2017 newsletter

I’ve just sent out the July 2017 newsletter for Editors Victoria to members.  Welcome to the July newsletter for Editors Victoria. We have lots of editing business this month: call-outs for committee members ahead of our August AGM; a comprehensive report on our ‘Business of Editing’ June dinner Q&A; the experience of running a ‘WritingContinue reading “All about the business of editing: July 2017 newsletter”

Review: Lots of tips and procedures for better onscreen editing

I wrote this review for the Editors Victoria January 2017 newsletter (updated link to IPEd archive, members only) The title of Geoff Hart’s book Effective Onscreen Editing (3rd edition) by no means conveys the full gamut of what this book contains. Indeed, it turns out be over 800 pages long, covering topics as diverse asContinue reading “Review: Lots of tips and procedures for better onscreen editing”

Freelancing in-house

Last month I experienced a side of editing quite alien to my normal freelance life – working in an office in the city full-time for a couple of weeks. Even though I was in the Pearson/Penguin building near Southern Cross station (Melbourne), I was not working in those offices but up on the 6th floor.Continue reading “Freelancing in-house”

Illustrator Judith Rossell, regional meetings and meet editor Susan Pierotti: March 2016 newsletter

I’ve just sent out the March 2016 newsletter for Editors Victoria. Here’s my intro: Welcome to our March newsletter. In addition to our usual news and resources, this month we have some calls to action: Nick Hudson is keen to get your opinions on Microsoft Word’s grammar checker, and the article he has written aboutContinue reading “Illustrator Judith Rossell, regional meetings and meet editor Susan Pierotti: March 2016 newsletter”

David Crystal’s ‘Making a Point’ and a Q&A with editor and teacher Stephanie Holt: newsletter

This morning I sent out the December newsletter for Editors Victoria. It includes Louise Zedda-Sampson’s review of David Crystal’s new book on punctuation, Making a Point, and Paul Bugeja’s report back from Storyology 2015. Also, should editors charge like plumbers or panelbeaters? Dear Ed answers that tricky question. The whole newsletter is here.

Editing at Hepburn Springs, and a life science editing accreditation

The November Editors Victoria newsletter is out! Two days of editing in Hepburn Springs: what did those lucky editors learn at Redact? Reports on the three streams: manuscript editing with Nadine Davidoff, supercharging your business with Ilona Way and editing digital content with John Ryan. And the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences (BELS)Continue reading “Editing at Hepburn Springs, and a life science editing accreditation”

Editors Victoria September 2015 newsletter: a peek into textbook editing

I’ve just sent out the Editors Victoria September newsletter to members. And it’s online for all to see. This month we get a peek into text book editing with Sandra Duncanson, former teacher and now Senior Editor at Insight Publications, who has just released her first text book, English Year 10. And we see allContinue reading “Editors Victoria September 2015 newsletter: a peek into textbook editing”

Advocating for environmental education

I was excited to get my hands on the July issue of Eingana – the journal of Environment Education Victoria – it was my first issue as copyeditor, and the journal featured a new design to go with the organisation’s new name. This issue brings together education and advocacy, summed up nicely by EEV Vice PresidentContinue reading “Advocating for environmental education”

Victorian editors: the August 2015 newsletter is out

All things editing: professional development (Redact registration is now open), accreditation news, reviews (PerfectIt and Nick Hudson’s Modern Australian Usage); debate (the future of Australia’s editing societies), Dear Ed dishes advice on the dreaded three o’clock snooze) and hamsters.I sent the August Editors Victoria newsletter out today and it’s also online.But – you won’t find the hamsterContinue reading “Victorian editors: the August 2015 newsletter is out”

PerfectIt 3 review (or, why you need a PC)

I wrote this review for Editors Victoria’s August 2015 newsletter (not available online). Much as it galls an editor to let a mistake slip through, the general consensus seems to be that catching 95% of proofreading errors is a pretty good effort. But some editors have a secret weapon that I’m convinced helps them reachContinue reading “PerfectIt 3 review (or, why you need a PC)”

A feast of editing

I’ve just sent out the May newsletter for Editors Victoria. In it you’ll find: which of the National Literary Awards is of special interest to editors (Editors Victoria Distinguished Editor Susan Keogh has just won it) food for thought for members – should the state and territory societies all come together under the IPEd umbrella? (IPEd is Australia’s Institute ofContinue reading “A feast of editing”